1.5kg Corned Beef Brisket (or you could make your own see bottom note) 

Dry Rub: 

2tbsp Coarsely Ground Black Pepper 

1tbsp Coriander Seeds, broken a little in a pestle  

1tbsp Coriander Powder 

1tbsp Soft Brown Sugar 

1tbsp Paprika 

2tsp Garlic Powder 

2tsp Onion Powder 

1tsp Mustard Seeds 

1tsp Mustard Powder 

  1. Desalinate the corned beef by soaking it in water for 8 hours.  
  2. Combine all rub ingredients together. 
  3. Drain and apply the rub liberally all over the corned beef. 
  4. Let rest on a wired rack in the fridge with the rub on for another 8hours to overnight.  
  5. Set the smoker for 110C and once up to temperature turn the smoke on using Oak Bisquettes. You can use other Bradley Flavour Bisquettes if you wish. 
  6. Once up to temperature put the beef into the smoker with a tray on the rack below to catch any drippings and juices and let smoke for approximately 8 hours until an internal temperature of 95-99C is reached and it is extremely tender. 
  7. Slice and enjoy.  


Corned Beef Brisket 

1.5kg Brisket (2 inches thick in a fairly uniformed flat shape)  

4.5L Distilled Water 

14.4g Instant Cure #1 ‘Prague Powder’ 

225g Morton’s Kosher Salt 

225g Dark Brown Sugar 

5 tbsp Pickling Spices 

5 Garlic Cloves smashed or pressed 

Note: do not simply scale this recipe up or down, please use a reputable tested curing calculator or if you do not feel comfortable doing this, buy a corned beef brisket (brined and uncooked). 

  1. Find a proper container large enough to handle 1 all of the brine and the meat. Ensure properly cleaned and sterile. 
  1. Mix the cure ingredients and the distilled water and stir until dissolved. 
  1. Remove as much surface fat as possible. 
  1. Add the meat to the curing mixture and weight down if necessary with a non-reactive item to keep it submerged for 5-7 days. If an item was used to hold down the brisket, rotate the meat daily to ensure equal absorption. When done, the exterior of the meat will be pale brown to grey and if sliced into it like normal raw meat but slightly pinker.