1kg Pork Loin Joint – skin & fat removed 

litres Water 

1 tbsp whole Black Pepper 

75g Morton’s Kosher Salt 

12g Pink Curing Salt #1  

2 Bay Leaves 

1 tbsp Juniper Berries 

2 tbsp Pickling Spices 

4 Cloves Garlic Crushed 

20g Brown Sugar 


  1.  To prepare the brine combine half the water with the kosher salt, spices, flavourings and sugar. Mix well until the salt and sugar is fully dissolved and then take off the heat. Pour the hot brine into a large enough container with the rest of the water and fully cool this down.  
  1. Once the brine is fully cooled, add the pork, ensuring it is fully submerged, cover and put in the fridge for approximately 5 days depending on thickness. 
  1. Take the pork out of the brine and rinse well before drying with paper towels. Then leave the pork on a wire rack in the fridge for approximately 12 hours to air dry and develop a pellicle 
  1. Set your Bradley Smoker to 110C with Cherry wood flavour Bisquettes.  
  1. Once up to temperature add the pork for approximately 4-5 hours, until an internal temperature of 63C is reached.  
  1. Slice and enjoy warm or store in the fridge and slice the next day.