Large Waxy Potatoes, such as Desiree, peeled and thinly sliced 

Onions, thinly sliced 

Leaves from 1 bunch of Thyme 

600ml Stock – if this is a side dish perhaps match this to whatever else you are cooking, any stock will work 

25g Butter 

  1. In a tray or dish roughly layer the potatoes and onions in a roasting tray, you can do this as full individual layers of each or layer 1 by 1 in a row to create mixed layers. In-between each layer, sprinkle some Thyme leaves a pinch of salt and couple of twists of black pepper. 
  2. Pour over the stock carefully as it will take a moment to seep through the crevices of potato and onion. 
  3. Add pinches of butter scattered across the top. 
  4. Set smoker to 110C and once up to temperature turn the smoke on. We used Apple wood bisquettes but you can use whichever Bradley Flavour Bisquettes you wish. We suggest if this is being served as a side, the dish is quite versatile and so you can just smoke it with whatever flavour bisquettes you are using for the main dish. It is also quite nice if you are doing this, to position the Boulangère Potatoes tray directly underneath the meat to capture the drippings and juices during the cook which will only add to the delicious flavour. 
  5. Smoke for 3-4 hours until the top is crisp and has developed a nice golden colour and the potatoes are deliciously soft and unctuous.